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Hospital Registration Certificate - BMC.


ISO 9001-2008 Certificate.


MPCB Certificate - Biomedical Waste.


MTP Certificate.


PNDT Certificate.


Tubectomy & Vasectomy Certificate.


Bombay Shop and Establishment.


Pan Card.





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Year 2009


“All staff and facilities were excellent specially sisters support” 

Dr R K Saran-20/1/2009

Contact No: 94136 62067


“Excellent & Good “                                                                     

Rekha D Chitnis-16/2/2009

Contact No: 24211199


“Everything is excellent”                                                              

Vira N Harakchand-19/2/2009

Contact No: 98196 90022


“The experience was really smooth & good “                              

Deepa Kirodian-21/2/2009


“Excellent Service and great staff”                                      

Shantilal Gokhru-11/3/2009

Contact No: 243 79898


“In all respects medical treatment given in the hospital is good” 

Sharad K Kadam-19/3/2009

Contact No: 93233 66849


“Very good service & Friendly Staff”                                           

Roshan Mooney-14/4/2009

Contact No: 241 27480


“Excellent support and Co-ordination, Overall support was Excellent”

Shanti Pandey-14/4/2009

Contact No: 93247 06276


“Overall Service are better & treatment also given in correct time”  

Sachin P Pawar-30/4/2009

Contact No: 98194 84246


“Total satisfaction and relief after attending the hospital”                

Kapil Patil-6/5/2009

Contact No: 98190 35375


“Good Treatment & Advice”                                                           

Sangeeta Tare-12/5/2009

Contact No: 98333 59851


“Overall everything was excellent & proper”                                 

Indira A Ranka-23/5/2009

Contact No: 99671 21450


“Very effective support system, especially the sisters. Dr Manoj Gandhi is an excellent doctor I have seen. Everything is excellent. This hospital is real home feel experience”

Sweta Jain-9/6/2009

Contact No: 93243 16679


“We are very happy with the Patient-Doctor relationship & the friendly gestures”

“Thanks a heap for taking care of our mother by providing the best Medical treatment & care”


Usha Mehta-10/7/2009

Contact No:24223312


“All Nurses  & Wardboys are supportive and good nature”   

Sohan Jain-13/7/2009

Contact No:98200 38373


“The staff was very helpful throughout the day & night.”  

Anokhi Magodia-26/7/2009

Contact No:24304229


“Good Service”                                                                     

Lalji Gupta-25/8/2009

Contact No:24315473


“Staff and other employees are providing very good support to patients”  

Savita Choudhary- 2/9/2009

Contact No: 66662905


“Doctor’s support and all staff are very kind & very helpful”

Rekha V Kale-12/9/2009

Contact No: 24148228


“Overall, Staff is good & helpful nature”                               

Archana Garate-15/9/2009

Contact No: 24380925




“The service staff have given excellent service to the patients”

Medha S More-1/10/2009

Contact No:25525609


“Overall quite good”                                                             

Dr Manish Satuja-5/10/2009

Contact No: 28942859


“I am proud of this good conduct hospital & my dream is that it becomes the biggest hospital in Mumbai of our Jain Religion”                                                       

Mithalal Mehta-9/10/2009

Contact No: 98202 31283


“The overall facility provided by the doctor sister and all staff is good”

Rekha Singal-26/10/2009

Contact No: 98997 93291


“Very Satisfied”                                                                     

Bina P Shah-27/10/2009

Contact No:93227 06201


“I write this to record my sentiments expressed on you discharging my wife Divya!!

You are indeed unique. Transparency is your equally unique Virtue!!

Above all your inborn entrepreneurship is unique as it is seldom seen in normal medical practititioners!! I would say to almighty to bless you with renewed endless energy to foresee your hobby in a Godly Manner!!!!!!!


Contact No:98203 77487


“Very good & professional. No wastage of time”                

Zubin Mody -2/11/2009

Contact No: 66412222


“Good Service & Keep it up”                                               

Arham Nandu Maharaj-12/11/2009

Contact No: 98196 56580


“Truly Satisfied. Very good!!!!!”                                              

Lalji J Ashor-12/11/2009

Contact No:24163613


“They really treat the customer in good manner & feel that they attend from the bottom of their heart. I am really happy & impressed with hospital staff”.        

Anudnya Kandolkar-5/12/2009

Contact No: 93200 03242




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