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Stapler Haemorrhoidectomy (MIPH – New Procedure) – Piles Surgery
‘Piles’ are swollen blood vessels in the back passage. They may occur inside your body, in the anal canal, or sometimes be felt outside your anus. In this case they are called prolapsed Piles.

Signs & Symptoms

Piles is a distressing condition which, at its least causes itching and discomfort around

the back passage and, at its worst, becomes sever condition involving pain and bleeding. You may feel an uncomfortable ‘weight’ around your anus, or experience discomfort or pain when passing motions. You may find blood on your stool or your underwear after opening your bowels, and if your piles are prolapsed, you will be able to feel them when washing after going to the toilet.

Try to increase the amount of fibre in tour diet eat more cereals, fruits & Vegetables. The fibre and liquid will add bulk to your stools which help the waste move through the intestines and results in soft stools which are quick and easy to pass.

New Procedure (Surgical option for MIPH for piles)
A new procedure is being increasingly recommended by surgeons in a number of hospitals around the country. Many thousands of patients world wide & in India have had their Piles successfully treated using this procedure. Minimally Invasive Procedure called (MIPH) this operation can also be performed as day surgery under a very short general anaesthetic (even under a regional anaesthetic under certain conditions) and you may go home the same day. Patients who have undergone this operation report that their post-operative pain levels are very low, and say they are able to resume normal activites within very few days of going home.

After the Operation
If your physician suggest surgery discuss MIPH with him or her. How long will you stay at hospital is your surgeon’s decision but it is possible that you may go home on the same day of your operation.You will feel slight discomfort at your anal area. In 80% of patients, they should be able to resume normal daily activities almost immediately. A few patients may have discomfort for 3-4 days.

• Reduced Pain
• Shorter Hospital Stay
• Reduced blood Loss
• Faster Return to Normal Activity
• Significantly Reduced Post Surgery Discomfort

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